OnTAP Series 4000 Delivers Robust, Automated JTAG Solutions With The Highest Possible Fault Coverage.
Netlist Based ATPG with Pin-level Diagnostic Messages Achieve higher fault coverage with onTAP's automated test development which tests-to-print (netlist), returning built-in pin-level diagnostic messages for debug.
Flash Programming & Memory Explore extensive library reusable FLASH & Memory Models (read & write).
Auto Chain Detection Reads netlist, queries board, orders devises accordingly including multi-die modules.
Graphical Debugging Enables easy, feature rich debugging with pin-level diagnostic messages.
Unlimited Chains & Circuit Size Test and program as many chains as needed, no limits on circuit size.
BSDL Syntax Verification Verify if syntax of BSDL files is correct.
OnTAP Series 4000 with ProScan delivers the highest possible fault coverage by using Flynn Systems' ATPG, and incorporating tests specifically designed to access hard to reach, difficult to test situations, such as mid-state shorts. Furthermore, onTAP enables simple incorporation of multi-die modules, multiple chains, and unlimited circuit size. Tests return accurate pin-level diagnostic messages, facilitating faster, easier, graphical debug efforts. Find Out More...
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The onTAP Boundary Scan JTAG Solution…it’s just logical

Flynn Systems is a global industry leader for onTAP automated boundary scan test and programming solutions, delivering IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.x compliant hardware, software, turnkey products and services. Conveniently run from a PC and requiring just one hardware component, onTAP delivers:

  • Higher test fault coverage
  • Safer, more stable tests with testability guards
  • Accurate and precise pin level diagnostics
  • Configuration and Flash programming
  • Memory and Cluster testing
  • Less test development time per project
  • Full, responsive Technical Support
  • Affordability

Learn more about our affordable, complete Boundary Scan/JTAG Software and Solutions for IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6, Turnkey Boundary Scan/JTAG Test Solutions, Flash Programming, Configuration Programming, and more.

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Built on over 10 years of refinement, Flynn's robust product and service lines have diverse applications in the telecommunications, avionics, defense, medical, biotech, and consumer electronics industries. Flynn Systems' onTAP Boundary Scan Software package offers the most affordable, complete suite of JTAG tools and continues to support a wide range of competitive products and services that meet your technological and economic constraints. For fast turnaround rates, competitive pricing, excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction, turn to Flynn Systems for your boundary scan testing needs.